BMW acknowledges the stanchion separation issue by recalling 160 000 bikes.
Please take a moment to sign the petition, to keep up the pressure on BMW to efficiently roll out the recall on a worldwide basis.

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We need as much information and as many accounts as possible.
This petition demands that BMW take responsibility and do the right thing.

Biker's Near Death Experience



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Biker sues BMW

After meeting Ms Lou-Anne Fitzsimons, Edgar Kleinbergen and Chris Modise of BMW at their office in July 2017, with a view to resolving the claim that I have against BMW, it has become clear that BMW has no intention of settling my claim against them without me seeking the assistance of the High Court to bring about justice in this regard. A summons has now been served on the parties and is downloadable on the link below:


Petition signed by residents of 74 countries

“There are few things more powerful than people united.” Vironika Tugaleva We thank everyone for signing the petition, which has been a big factor in applying pressure to BMW to bring about the global recall that has been announced...

Article in Sandton Chronicle

A number of BMW R 1200 GS motorbike owners are sending a warning to the public to beware of using this bike, which is thought to be the reason for a number of accidents resulting in serious injury. After surviving a serious accident while riding his BMW R1200 GS...

ITS OFFICIAL- BMW RECALLS R1200 GS and R1200 GSA (Nov 2013 – Jun 2017)

BMW AG has announced a global safety recall of the BMW R 1200 GS and R 1200 GS Adventure models (models K50 and K51) from the production period November 2013 to June 2017. This was done as a precautionary safety measure because the fixed fork...

Communication to BMW

Morning has come and gone and I have not heard a single word from BMW in response to my email below, other than Donford’s arriving at my home to collect the loan bike that you have instructed them to take back...

Upper Stanchion Crimping Failure

I was on a ride in SA in September with a group. Day 11 one of our guys went down. He is an extremely good rider. Travelling on a dead straight road, speed between 120 and 140KPH. He claims the front end just fell away and he went down. There was NOTHING to hit on the road and NO potholes...

Petitioning BMW Motorrad USA BMW Motorrad USA

More background on this failure can be found on the following sites. This is in no way a complete list but does show a number of people have had the issue and many of them have not previously dropped their motorcycle...


I am another victim of the infamous BMW stanchion failure. Three surgeries on my right leg

I hit a pothole at about 40 kmph and after about a couple of kilometers ahead when I locked brakes […]

Crash in gs 2006 broken bar

I made a trip with my wife and we crashed when the bar and the crib my bike is from […]

replce the staichion

hi, i am living in mongolia, driving the LC 1200 Advt. the stainchoin start to leak aprox after 102.000 KM […]



R1200GS engine fatal failure almost causing fatal accident

While riding at 70KM/H, the engine of my R1200GS, with 20000KM on board, failed, with no early warning. The failing […]

Recall and loose rear spokes

I bought a brand new 17 plate GS Adventure, they never told me there was a recall at rainbow BMW […]


We the undersigned, acknowledge that BMW Motorrad has announced a global recall on the 1200 GS motorcycles (2013-217) and demand that this recall is efficiently and widely rolled out in all countries.



If you have had an incident with stanchion separation or with BMW Motorrad about this issue then please take a few minutes to share your story and any pics that you may have.

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I've been considering a 2018 but after reading into the problems with 2013 -2017 I'm a little hesitant....any thoughts ... See MoreSee Less

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Hi everyone, I'm new on this page and don't currently own a GS but am hoping to buy one in the near future. What's the latest on this issue? The fix doesn't seem to be a proper long term solution to this issue and it seems that the affected parts should be replaced with a redesigned and updated part. Regards ... See MoreSee Less

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what a crap bike... ... See MoreSee Less

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Just talked to my dealer and they said they looked in the BMW inventory system and there are 89,000 back order Stanchion repair kits currently in the Back Order Status. They have only received a few for new bikes and that BMW is prioritizing new bikes over existing customers. BMW Motorrad ... See MoreSee Less

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Hi, this issue really worries me. Just bought a new K50 in November but it was built before June 2017. Some technical facility should be set up to allow 1200gs owners to independently verify their bikes. From your stories and feedback from riders is there a sense of how many stancion failures there's been. Any advice on what I should do will be welcomed. ... See MoreSee Less

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Special Thanx to Simon Thomas. I couldn't have said it better...
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Just thought I should share this.
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Hi, Sorry but not use to dealing with FB when looking to buy something. If I send moola (what is the paypal address again), roughly, how long till I see the stanch clamp?
Also, what is the current BMW spec for separation? I had an BMW bulletin that said 0.05mm, but I thought you all posted a video from a dealer that showed the spec to be 0.2mm. Mine has 0.05mm around half of the tube, but no gap on the other side. 0.05mm seems pretty small?
Unless BMW thinks my tubes should be replaced, I am thinking of skipping their fix for yours. I like the idea that you encapsulate the top cap as well as give extra rigidity to the upper tube. Versus, just giving extra rigidity to the upper tubel
Thanks for your help.
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