Take Responsibility!

Please take responsibility. We in Israel already lost a friend because of this failure and another one was wounded. It must be repaired/recalled , the sooner is better.

Bujes Barras

After the second change of bars for warranty, which is already very worrisome, the state of the internal bushings is lousy. If I do not do a review and initial change on my account they will probably re-decompress the bars and what is worse is a possible accident and out of warranty.

Very Lucky Boy

I was on a ride in SA in September 2016 with a group. Day 11 one of our guys went down. He is an extremely good rider. Travelling on a dead straight road, speed between 120 and 140KPH. He claims the front end just fell away and he went down. There was NOTHING to hit on the road and NO pothole. The bike slide for 100…