Leak stanchion

Here is my stanchion on the left side a year ago. My R1200GS LC is produced november 2012, which is not included in this new recall. (The recall includes only the bikes produced from november 2013). A year ago I discovered a leakage under the rubber cover. Because of the oil leak…

Return bike?

There is anyone has question about return the bike and get the money back?
I have friend that has a engine valve failure and after fight against BMW, He got a new motorcycle. Unfortunately, the new bike occur the same problem and he decide to sale his gsa 1200 2016.
Transmission vibration problem it is another issue. It is under Bulletin in Puma for replacing transmission. Measure number 63105460-02
Please let me know if anybody knows about
Carlos Prado

Something unbelievable!!!

I own a R1200 GS Adventure 2007. At first I was so happy to have this bike, but now I don’t know if I did the correct purchase. After all the posts, pictures and stories I feel like I’m totally by myself. Most of the partners here talk about the water cooled models, but there is also a problem in older models, mine is oil-cooled and has 61,000 kms. I never expected this from BMW, sadness is what I feel. Hope the dealer can find the best solution for me, even though my bike doesn’t fits the recalled models.

Broken pots on doet road Namibia

On February 5th 2016 we, me and my pillion, where riding on a dirt road in Namibia. We when over a bump and had a litre dent in the rim of our front wheel. We continued our journey and after a few miles the front suspension started to spray oil. Luckily we where able to stop safely as both suspension pots came of completely. The bike was repatriated to the BMW rental company in Cape Town and I had to pay over 2000€ for repair.