John Baker

To try an be brief, we hired ten bikes from a BMW dealer in Durban South Africa and did two weeks mainly off-road through South Africa and Lesotho.
The terrain varied from dusty rocky tracks to muddy tracks, steep rocky climbs and descents…

My Fork Stanchions

I would like to call your attention to a problem I have had with both my BMW LC R1200 GS Adventures.

On my previous 2015 GSA LC the fork stanchion on the right hand side failed after hitting a pothole in the road, and oil leaked out from the fork making the bike unsafe to ride…

Take Responsibility!

Please take responsibility. We in Israel already lost a friend because of this failure and another one was wounded. It must be repaired/recalled , the sooner is better.

Bujes Barras

After the second change of bars for warranty, which is already very worrisome, the state of the internal bushings is lousy. If I do not do a review and initial change on my account they will probably re-decompress the bars and what is worse is a possible accident and out of warranty.