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BMW M135i Issues


I have recently had my car in with BMW for a service..... It came back with a clean bill of health at the time....
So, the car has done high mileage (63 plate) for its age (69K) but it has never wanted for anything with consumables being replaced way before they were due. However, I recently noticed that my rear bump stops appear to have perished, and I would suggest that they need replacing. Does anyone have experience of this happening with a 'relatively' young car? also, I find it hard to believe that this wouldn't have been included within my service pack, which has now conveniently run out.
Finally, I also had an issue about 12 months ago with the driver's side window over tensioning when closing the door, which made the most annoying creaking noise. This was replaced by my local dealer at the time under the warranty. Alas, i went out to the car about a week ago and opened the passenger side door only to notice the same issue. I contacted BMW about the problem and they were very quick to try and book me in and have the car check over, obviously at my expense!!! They tried to ease the conversation by telling me that if it was a "true issue that BMW know of it would be refunded" Sounds like crap to me otherwise they would have recalled it previously surely?
Sapphire Black M135i 3Dr

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