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Loose rear wheel spokes and unavailable wheels replacements for GS 1200

Yeh Ive been ripped off by BMW i BOUGHT A BRAND NEW BMW 1200 GS from Rainbow Motorcycles​ it was sold to me knowingly of the up and coming recall. Just a three days after the recall Debbie and I nearly came off it. Stopping on the hard shoulder we thought there was a blow out on the rear wheel. We discovered the tyres were intact. Returning the bike there was every spoke on the rear wheel loose. Having a recall for the above I expected to return the bike and get a new wheel and the above repair completed. They couldn't get a wheel replacement for a month, the collar was also unavailable. They told me the fault was only on bikes in Africa where the terrain was bad. Interestingly an Australian guy ended up in Intensive Care after the front forks giving up on him and nearly killing him. I complained and asked for my money back, they never responded only to say, we will not charge you this months payment. I have now lost my ferry fare deposit as we were due to travel by bike to Europe. This trip is now cancelled, I have lost my holiday, my bike, nearly my life, bought a new BMW Sat Nav which is useless to me and still no response 6 weeks later. They now don't respond to my phone calls and the case is in the hands of the Ombudsman. Would I recommend BMW? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! This is the start of a war which I will ensure I win against them.

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