Here is my stanchion on the left side a year ago. My R1200GS LC is produced november 2012, which is not included in this new recall. (The recall includes only the bikes produced from november 2013). A year ago I discovered a leakage under the rubber cover. Because of the oil leak the rubber came loose. I let my local BMW-dealer look into it, They just breathed the air in the leg (there is a small amount of air pressure in the leg when it is compressed). And they recommended me to take notice of any development of oil leak. Later I brought my bike for service to a different BMW dealer and asked them also to look into the leak. When I got my bike back after service they had mounted a zipper around the rubber. I dont think that was a professional repair, it also looked ugly. The oil leak continued, noticeably after some off roading. I then ordered a new rubber cover and replaced the loose one. It was a tight fit, and it helped stop the oil leak. But I am still worry about the situation and always check the stanchion before I ride. Will it come loose? I dont know. It should not be any leak there in the first place. The leak indicates that there must be a gap there. Is there any here who has experienced the same on R1200GS LCs produced before november 2013?