I would like to call your attention to a problem I have had with both my BMW LC R1200 GS Adventures.

On my previous 2015 GSA LC the fork stanchion on the right hand side failed after hitting a pothole in the road, and oil leaked out from the fork making the bike unsafe to ride and left me at the side of the road waiting for a recovery truck to take my bike away to be fixed.

Sadly my 2015 GSA was stolen in late April, but loving the bike so much I bought another one a week later when the insurance paid out.

My new triple black 2017 has been a joy to ride as expected, however when riding around the coasts of Spain and Portugal this June I noticed upon braking a clicking sound coming from the yolk area, upon inspection I noticed that the fork stanchion on the right hand side was out of tolerance, so slowly home to England not happy about my holiday being disrupted by the failure of the stanchion.

I posted on the Facebook page I run with 420 genuine GSA riders about the stanchion failing to warn the members of the group about the issue.

Since then other people from as far away as South Africa have sent me photos of there fork stanchion failures.

Tonight a member of my group told me that “BMW already recognized the issue and is writing to owners to get them to a BMW shop to get it fixed. They even had folks at the GS Trophy Qualification in Germany to measure and fix the issue. Mine was ok but they fixed my wife’s GS over night before the start as hers was out of tolerance.” See the photograph below of the fix BMW Germany Did.

After looking through the Google for other GSA riders who have had the same issue I stumbled across this.
It is a petition from the USA that asks for BMW Motorrad to investigate and report publicly on fork stanchion separation issue.

Below is a link to a dedicated Facebook page regarding this issue.

I would like to know If BMW Motorrad have any plans to make a permanent fix for this problem?

It has happened to me personally twice now and sadly gives a niggle of doubt in my mind as to whether it will happen again, and if my bike is a reliable as I thought it was.

It has knocked my confidence in the bike as I am planning to take a year out of work and ride from Nordkapp to The Cape of Good Hope, and would not want anything to happen to the forks whilst riding solo through Europe & Africa as there are many dirt roads between the two capes which the bike will have to go through, is designed to go through, marketed to go through and should be able to go through without fear of such an important part of my motorcycle failing on me again.

Can you tell me how I get my confidence back in the bike, and more importantly, why you are selling a bike that has such a bad design fault in the first place?
It is a worldwide problem that only seems to occur in BMW Motorcycles.

I await your reply and thank you for your time.

Kind regards,

Julian Moore