While riding at 70KM/H, the engine of my R1200GS, with 20000KM on board, failed, with no early warning. The failing engine locked my rear wheel. The gear would not respond. Somehow I managed not control the motorcycle and to avoid crashing. The motorcycle was purchased in Romania from a BMW dealer. It is registered in Romania. The almost fatal incident happened while riding in Israel so I evacuated the motorcycle to BMW Motorrad Israel and I contacted BMW Motorrad Germany/International. It took almost two weeks for BMW to decide what to do: they decided to replace the failing engine with a new engine kit. They wanted me to pay for the labor. I refused. It took BMW almost two months to replace the failing engine. All this time BMW kept me “hostage” in Israel, refusing to reply my emails. I had to deal with their local representative. almost 8 weeks after they received it, BMW Motorrad Israel released the motorcycle without changing the wheels air pressure, without battery cover, with broken flag poles, without changing the brakes as I asked ( with payment). While saying that the engine they put on my motorcycle is new, BMW refuses to give any Warranty for the replaced parts and the replacement labor. They also refuse to pay any consation for the two months they kept me in Israel, away from my life and THEY WOULD NOT RELEASE ANY INFORMATION ON WHY THE ALMOST NEW ENGINE FAILED. So they don’t give a dam about their motorcycles, about their responsibilities towards their clients and about being honest and transparent. This could be a deadly experience for me. Did anyone else had a similar experience with BMW?